Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy "Despicable" Halloween!

This Halloween Xiera and Zella both wanted to be Despicable Me characters. Xiera wanted to be a Girly Minion and Zella wanted to be Edith. Xiera's Despicable Me jumper dress was custom made by the talented Karen of Layla and Stitch Boutique. We paired it with a yellow long sleeved shirt, leggings, black gloves, a pair of black boots, minion goggles, and a crocheted Dave hat to top it off.

Zella wanted to be her favorite character of the movie whom she is most like, Edith. I found her burgundy skirt, purple leggings, and white snow boots on Ebay. Her adorable striped knitted sweater and hat was created by the talented daughter of Heather of Sugar Hiccups Boutique.

Our Halloween is a rainy one this year so Trick or Treat night has been rescheduled for Sunday night instead. Wishing everyone a very safe and fun Halloween this year!

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