Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

The girls were able to go Trick or Treating twice again this year. Once on Thursday night and then again last night in my parents' neighborhood. Zella was Snow White once again on Thursday night. (She can still fit into her Snow White costume from last year and wanted to wear it again.) On Saturday evening Zella went as a fairy princess. Do you remember THIS tutu dress? Well it fits Zella now so we added some fairy wings, a wand, crown, and a pair of pink converse and we were ready to rock and roll. Xiera went as Coraline this year. She had every last detail of Coraline down to her polished blue nails, button eyed doll, freckles and dragonfly hair clip. ;)

Needless to say, the girls had a great time getting all of that yummy candy.

And seeing all of the wonderful Halloween displays was an added bonus too.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bootiful Kitty

Xiera and I transformed our pumpkin into the most Boo-tiful kitty cat! Isn't she cute?
We had a lot of fun while carving her too!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Showing Some Pumpkin Love

This month has been a busy month for us. Earlier this month Zella had to undergo yet another surgery for the removal of several large chalazions that were putting pressure on her right eye causing astigmatism (blurred vision). The surgery went very well and all of the chalazions were removed successfully. Unfortunately more have returned but are small enough that we hope will go away on their own with the help of warm compresses and Occusoft eye lid scrubs. These things have been plaguing Zella's upper and lower right eye lids for a little over a year now and she has already endured three out patient surgeries to remove them. We are told that she will more than likely out grow them but there is a chance she may not.

We have been enjoying this beautifully colorful autumn season. All of the leaves have begun to change and with the few storms we have had, some have even begun to fall. The girls have taken full advantage of this and have been participating in many funfilled leaf wars.

The sunsets have been absolutely breathtaking these past few days as well. My favorite sunset of all happened about a week ago. All of the pinks, blues, and purples in the sky looked like cotton candy.

I took the girls earlier on today to pick out the perfect pumpkin.

We visit the same place every year. We just love their corn stalk tee pee and the rows upon rows of pumpkins to choose.

The girls settled on a few "baby" pumpkins and one large pumpkin which we plan to make into our jack o' lantern. We may pick up a few more pumpkins this weekend so our "Jack" will have a few friends.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

It's a Holly Jolly Elf Hat

I would like to announce that I am now a member of the talented ebay boutique designer group called FAZE2 and I couldn't be more happy about it! It is so nice to be among so many wonderful and talented ladies. For the next 2 weeks Faze2 is having their Christmas Holiday themed guest launch called Holly Daze. I teamed up with the multi-talented Jennifer of jade*and*rosescouture. I made a super cute elf stocking hat to match her adorable elf set to match! You can find the elf hat HERE! Her adorable daughter Rebekah modeled for us.

This hat was a lot of fun to make and what makes this hat so much fun are the 3 gold jingle bells I attached to the end of the stocking hat. Don't forget to search Faze2 Hollydaze on ebay for all your "Holly Daze" outfits and accessories.

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