Friday, October 31, 2008

Soooooo Excited!!!

5 more minutes until Ghost Hunters Live on Sci Fi!!!!! You know I will be crocheting and watching at the same time! 7 whole hours!!! Hurray!!

Happy Halloween Everyone! ;)

With Love,

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Begger's Night

We went Trick Or Treating in my parents' neighborhood again this year and the girls had so much fun!!!
Zella's face says it all!!! LOL!

Xiera loved hanging out with her cousin Libby!

And we saw so many neat Halloween displays!

And even some real creative ones! I know I probably shouldn't post this one, but you have to admit it is pretty clever!

With Love,

Now There is a Pear and a Bow Holder Giveaway!

My good friend and amazing designer Stacy of Cloud Dust is making this adorable outfit for Zella!

I know, it is adorable isn't it? Well I just HAD to make a hat to match!

I can't wait to share pics of Zella modeling this one!!! I may even have to make some leg warmers to match! ;)

O and BTW......You have to go and check out her Blog!!! She is giving away this ADORABLE TUTU bow holder!!! I almost hate telling you about this because I really want one of these for Xiera's ballerina themed bedroom, but know that even if we don't win, this is definitely on our must have list!!!

With Love,

Autumn Adventures

We have been VERY busy!!! Here are a few things we have been up to...
Leaf Throwing!

Leaf Squatting

Hay Rides

Pumpkin Decisions

Hmmmmmmm.....These look perfect!

Now why won't these things budge?

Xiera finally found her perfect pumpkin!

And so did Miss Zella

With Love,

Monday, October 20, 2008

Marie-Therese Gown Giveaway

Kathleen of Grosgrain Fabulous is GIVING AWAY (Yes I said GIVING AWAY!!) this BEAUTIFUL dress! You have to stop on by her blog for your chance to win!!! Here is the link!!
Marie-Therese Gown GIVEAWAY !!!!!!!

With Love,

Saturday, October 18, 2008

My Two Little Winners!

Today we went to the town square to enjoy all their Halloween Spooktacular activities. All the kiddos, ghosts and goblins, lined up behind the firetruck. They closed off the rode leading into the town square and we all paraded into town behind the firetruck. We entered both the girls in the costume contest! Zella won third place in the 1 year old girl category. YAY!!!!!
Yes that is me in the goofy pink furry pimp hat! LOL!

Then Xiera went up on stage shortly after with Daddy for the 4 year old girls category! She was soooo funny once she was up there!! She was dancing around and smiling so big! When they announced the second place winner they said, "And second place goes to the Dancing Colorful Bug!!!" LOL!!! It was so hysterical!!!

She was so proud!!! Can you tell?

We then went trick or treating around the town square!!! It was so much fun!

Congratulations Xiera and Zella!!!! :) I am so proud of you both!! Mommy loves you!!!

With Love,

The Funky Butterfly

I finally finished Xiera's leg warmers for her butterfly costume!! Tawny of Bada*Blingg made the tutu and wings. Tammy of Painted*Patooties made her butterfly shirt to match. I think it is very Funkalicious!!! ;) Xiera LOVES her rainbow butterfly costume so much!!!!

With Love,

Friday, October 17, 2008

Lia Sophia Jewelry

I hosted a Lia Sophia jewelry party last night and had so much fun!!! The turn out was great and it was nice to just hang out with the girls while trying on some beautiful jewelry. I am actually thinking about selling perhaps later on. The benefits sound great and it would be so nice to have extra money to save for family vacations and to have for shopping...(my favorite past time, when I can)
I was able to book 3 upcoming parties and won this necklace!!!!

I was pretty much drooling over this all night and was literally beside myself with excitement when she said it was mine to keep!!!! Now I am determined to get the bracelet to match along with a few other pretties that caught my eye like these!!!

Can you tell I love silver and hearts? If you aren't a silver girl like me they have a selection of gold plated jewelry to chose from too. My favorite feature of their jewelry, they have a lifetime replacement guarantee!!! If you decide to host a party, which I strongly recommend if you love what you see in their Catalog, you get free jewelry, lots of discounts and jewelry credit! They have a great Customer Save Plan going on right now too! Buy 2 items at regular price and get your third item (make it your highest priced item) for half the price! Think Christmas or even a birthday present!!!! Check out their website at

With Love,

My Beautiful Family And Our Adventures

I just love natural pictures that are not posed! I took this pic of Zella outside playing. I got her attention and just snapped away!

Zella wears her hair down a lot lately. She is going through a phase where she pulls all hair ties and clips out almost immediately. :(
Hubby and I took the girls to the Air Force museum earlier on this week. I was amazed at how quiet and impressed they were at all the airplanes. Zella had her thumb in her mouth and pointed and stared at each plane with wide and curious eyes, while Xiera kept saying, "Wow! What a big plane!" She also asked if she could fly a plane and announced that she was going to fly to the moon when she gets big. :)
I hope you enjoy our pictures!

O and yes I did dye my hair red! I thought I would try something new. I am already wanting to try something different once again. I was thinking dyeing it back to dark brown, and I might get some layers in the front with some bright red highlights throughout the front layers. Something fun, funky and daring! ;) What do you think?

With Love,

Friday, October 10, 2008

Shenandoah Costume Giveaway!

Grosgrain Fabulous is giving away this BEAUTIFUL Shenandoah theme costume!!! If you would like to win this breathtaking costume all you have to do is post about it on your blog with a link to her blog post. Also don't forget to leave a comment about it on her blog too!! I think this would be perfect to wear on Thanksgiving too! Don't you think?
Shenandoah Costume GIVEAWAY !!!!!!!

With Love,

Look Who Was Knocking On My Tree!

We have named him Woody! ;)

With Love,

Off to Grandmother's House.....

I finally finished Zella's Red Riding Hood Cape to match her adorable Red Riding Hood Costume Dress that was made by Erin of Jones-Girls-Tutus. Jeanine of Monkey Cheek Boutique made the matching bows!! She made a larger set and a smaller set. I love them both! This is what Zella is going to be for Halloween!! :) Doesn't she make the cutest Red Riding Hood?

Next week I will share Xiera's costume set!! ;)

With Love,

Updating.....and New Smores Snowman Listings

Today has been a busy week. Hubby and I have been working really hard on updating my website. Hubby got it for me as a Christmas gift last year but we both never got around to actually updating it and fixing it up the way I wanted it to look and work. I have been wanting it to have categories like hats, sweaters, halters, seasonal, etc. And I wanted links to go to my blog, customer cuties, myspace, etsy, etc. So now we are both sitting down and working on it in the wee late to early hours of the night and morning! Hurray!!! It will look completely different than the layout it has right now, so stay tuned. ;)
Earlier on this week I also listed my Smores hat and leg warmers for En.core's Christmas Launch. This was a HUGE collaboration. Lise of Posharella made the dress. Also don't forget to check out matching bows made by Calis*Charm*Bowtique, necklace by Windyday*jewelry, and purse by Boutiquenutmegdesigns.

The Smores Snowman Hat

Smores Leg Warmers

Don't forget to search En.xmas to find all the Smores matching accessories!

 With Love,

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Would You Like To Hug A..........

Bear? I just finished this super cute brown bear hat for a customer of mine! I just love how it turned out and Zella has been carrying it around the house and hugging it and saying "Awwwwww!". I am going to have to make her one and add a cute little pink bow to the ear! ;)

With Love,

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Red Riding Hood Giveaway by Grosgrain Fabulous

Grosgrain Fabulous is giving away this adorable Red Riding Hood Cape! This would be the perfect touch to that Red Riding Hood costume or for that cute little outfit! If you are interested in winning come and check out her blog!
Red Riding Hood Jacket GIVEAWAY !!!!!!!
Just post about the giveaway on you blog with a link and leave her a comment before tomorrow! She will announce the winner on Wednesday!! Good Luck!!

With Love,

Happy Fall

Happy Fall Everyone!! I just love fall time! The cool crisp mornings, the smell and beautiful colors of fall leaves, fall clothes, and bonfires where we can roast marshmallows and hot dogs! Mmmmmmmm Yummy!!
Are you thinking about Thanksgiving? Well Xiera modeled this adorable set made by Tammy of Painted*Patooties!

I told Xiera to "Show me some Attitude!" And I got this!

I also FINALLY finished this adorable duster sweater to match a beautiful pair of jeans made by Bev of Fayemalonedesigns.

I am planning on listing this next week. This will be recreated only one more time so if you are interested, please keep checking back! ;)

With Love,

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