Friday, August 22, 2014

A Minnie Mouse Hat for a Sweet Little Girl

My dear friend from high school, Emily had contacted me recently. She told me that her sweet little darling Gianna loved all things Minnie Mouse and was wondering if I could make her a cute custom Minnie Mouse hat. I most certainly could not say no to this fun request. Here is the hat I came up with.

Emily and Gianna both love it. :)
 photo kittysiggie.jpg

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Back to School For These Two

We have a middle schooler and a 2nd grader! Xiera's started 5th grade and rides the school bus with the big middle and high schoolers. She was VERY excited while I was a bit nervous!

She wanted a spikey Mad Max book bag this year because she is a super cool middle schooler now.

Zella is a 2nd grader now and this is her first year riding the bus all by herself without her big sis. She was equally excited!

She didn't get her book bag and lunch box until the following week so she borrowed her sister's old beach bag for the first day which worked out good while waiting patiently for her brand new Frozen book bag with matching lunch box.

Now she is officially all set for this year.
 photo kittysiggie.jpg

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