Sunday, August 31, 2008

Did You Miss Me?

What a WEEK!!! Let's see, where do I begin? Well late last week I was uploading pictures from my camera and was called into the bathroom to assist Xiera. I left my camera on my computer desk since it was still in the process of uploading onto my computer. I come back and find Zella holding my camera. I told Zella to give the camera to mommy and she takes one look at me, smiles and throws my camera onto the kitchen floor lens first!!! So now my camera won't focus and turns on and off constantly! We already sent it in to be fixed so I am hoping and praying that they can fix it. Then our internet service was acting wacky all week long!! Some things wouldn't even load up and other times it was slower than dial up!! I was ready to scream!!! The Time Warner guy came out yesterday and had to run a new line since the other one was bad! A week with no camera or internet!! You know I was going through massive withdraws. At least I was able to get caught up with a lot of orders.

Look at my Hungry Caterpillar Hat being modeled by the adorable Elle!!!

It looks so adorable on her!! I have to say I love her caterpillar prop too!
And here is Alex in my Jack Hat! I just love her eyes! This is Xiera's new fave too!

I will be listing these in my Etsy store soon!

Here is a pretty little scarf and hat set I made to match a set made by San of Boutiqueprincessnbows. I already sent it off to be modeled but snapped a few pics of Xiera modeling it. This was right before Zella broke my camera BTW.

O and I never did get to share the beautiful sets Xiera modeled for Francoise of Francoise*Studio.

Aren't they both just the cutest?
And look at these cute bracelets Xiera modeled for Nicki of Tiny Tot Jewelry! Here is a close up shot!

And here is a collage of a few others!

I hope everyone has a fun and relaxing Labor Day weekend!

With Love,

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Our Little Nick Vacation

Yesterday Hubby and I took the girls to Kings Island! The girls had a blast! They saw their favorite Nick characters like Sponge Bob, Patrick, Dora, Diego, and Pablo from The Backyardigans. Zella rode her very first ride without mommy or daddy. She paired up with Xiera and drove the little car on the track! Can you tell, they LOVED it?

Xiera riding in Blue with her friend Maddie.

Here are a few pics of the girls having a blast with their favorite Nick characters.
and yep, that is me holding Zella visiting with Sponge Bob.

Here is a little video of Zella and me hanging out with Patrick jamming to the ICarly theme song. I catch myself singing that song almost daily!

Xiera rode her very first kiddie roller coaster with mommy and let's just say she was not too fond of it, but said today that she would maybe go on it again. My little thrill seeker!! ;)

Want to see what hubby and I rode on???

It is called the FireHawk! You get in like a normal roller coaster, but then it reclines all the way onto your back. You lie on your back looking up at the sky so you don't see the 63 feet drop ahead that you go down BACKWARDS and then you flip so it looks like you are about to fly straight into the ground!!!! Yeah...I can say, I did this...and LOVED it!!!!!!

With Love,

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ms. Mouse Modeling and a Caterpillar Friend

Look what I made for a dear customer of mine.

I just think it turned out so cute so I will be listing it on Ebay later on. ;)

Xiera LOVED modeling this Ms. Mouse outfit for Carol of Sewcrazy Boutique. It comes with the shoes and the mouse ear headband! Xiera kept laughing because her belly was showing. ;)

Afterwards we all went and got some yummy ice cream at Friendlys. Xiera picked out the Make your own Sundae.

She was beside herself when she saw she was able to put gummy bears, m&m's and marshmallow cream on top of her 3 scoops of strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla ice cream. Daddy and mommy helped her eat some of it of course! ;)

Can you believe Zella didn't want ice cream? She only wanted daddy's french fries.

With Love,

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Modeling for Ali*Boo*Tique

Xiera and I have had a lot of fun this week modeling these two super cute sets for Deana of Ali*Boo*Tique!
Isn't this first set Hallo-rific? And yes I paired the Halloween Minnie Leg Warmers with this set. They just matched so perfectly!

This next set is my absolute favorite and Xiera had a lot of fun doing this photo shoot! We tried a new location. We went to the Race Car and Sports Bike shop in town! The graffiti wall was the perfect background for this shoot! I made the leg warmers and skull hat to match. I think I will list them separately for the upcoming Halloween NStyle Guest Launch, so stay tuned! ;)

And here is a pic of the whole wall!!! Isn't it wicked cool!!!?? I just LOVE the mad scientist holding his potion! LOL! Xiera thought his teeth were funny! ;)

With Love,

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Minnie With A Twist!

I just finished this adorable Halloween Minnie hat and leg warmers set and mailed it off to be modeled today! I snapped a few shots of Xiera modeling the hat before I did!!
I can't wait to see it paired with the outfit to match! Stay tuned! Here is a sneak peak!

With Love,

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Cloud Gazing Contest Win a Free Pair of Leg Warmers

This is a Sticky Post that will remain at the top of the page until there is a winner for this contest! ;)

While Zella was taking a little nap, Xiera and I laid a blanket out on the lawn and decided to gaze up at the clouds. We saw jellyfish, Cheshire Cats, Flowers, Mountains and more.
Guess what Xiera thought these were....Leave a comment telling me what you think Xiera said they looked like. The first person to guess all three of them correctly, will win a free pair of leg warmers in any color and size you want!!!

Xiera Sporting my sunglasses while gazing! ;)

Here is a pair of legwarmers I have made to give you an idea!! get to chose ANY color for your winning pair!

Good Luck!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Spooky and Sassy!

I paired up with Joanna of Bellajoys*Boutique for this Sassy and Fun Halloween Set! Joanna made the Tutu, Top, and bows and I made the leg and arm warmers to match. Isn't Kristi of my_girl_kristi a doll? Her and her mom Karen make such an awesome mother/photographer and daughter/model team! I just can't get over these gorgeous pictures. Thanks so much ladies! We will be listing this on ebay soon so please keep checking back!

With Love,

Parade Day

We went to the Arts Festival Parade today and the girls had a blast! Xiera and Zella's favorite thing about the parade....The CANDY!!!

Here is a collage of some of the pretty things the girls and I saw in the parade! ;) Enjoy!

With Love,

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Through The Looking Glass Part 2

Xiera got her glasses today and LOVES them! She wasn't sure about them at first but as soon as she saw them, she said, "They are purple and pretty!" It was really neat to see her looking through them for the first time! She was so amazed at everything she was looking at. She said things like, "Mommy, my TV looks bigger! Look at the sidewalk it looks different!" Daddy, look at my fork, it looks funny!" LOL!! If you missed why she wears glasses now, you can click HERE to read Through The Looking Glass Part 1. Here are a few pics of Xiera in her new glasses.

First a Silly Face

And then a Sweet Smile

With Love,

Meet Jack!

I just finished making a Jack Skellington hat and am mailing him off today to be modeled!! Isn't he spooky cute? Xiera said,"Mommy he is ugly, but I want to wear him!" LOL!!!

With Love,

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

What Have We Been Up To?

It has been a whole week since my last blog!! WOW! Well we have all been very busy over here!! I have been crocheting up a storm!! I had to post on my myspace page that I was no longer excepting anymore custom orders until October. I have so many orders to catch up on which is wonderful but a bit overwhelming too!! Here is a Halloween arm warmer and leg warmer set that I just mailed out this week to be modeled.

Xiera and Zella have been very busy modeling! Here are a few cute dresses the girls modeled for Sarah of *BBCB*(Blue Birds Children's Boutique). Look!! I can put Zella's hair in pigtails now! She reminds me of Boo from Monster's Inc.

And Xiera also had so much fun modeling these adorable sets for Francoise of Francoise*Studio! All I can say about these sets..... WOWZA!!!!! Don't forget to check out her website too!

Xiera got 3 inches cut off of her hair at the salon right before she modeled these next 2! She loves her new hair cut! It looks so much more healthier now I think! ;)

And here are a few of my favorite pics from their modeling shoots! I love Zella's pretty blue eyes in these pics.

And I just love the way the sun is casting a glow on Xiera's face here. So pretty!

I also put the girls to work this past weekend!! We had a family car wash! ;) LOL!

And to go along with the "Car Wash" theme; who doesn't love this song?

I don't have a low rider as you can tell but a girl can always dream!

With Love,

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