Friday, April 20, 2012

And Then There Were 3

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Making Nests Beautiful One Strand At A Time

I would LOVE to say that this wonderful craft was my own original idea but I can't take the credit. I did find this wonderful idea on Pinterest and have to thank the bloggers over at Jupiter Moon Farm for sharing it with the world.
If you are a lover of fiber, whether you are a crocheter like myself, knitter or even an embroider; you know all too well that there is always extra scraps left over after you create a wonderful piece of artwork. I always keep these scraps in hopes of using them for something later on. Well here is that chance to use those scraps!

I gathered all of my tiny scrap balls of yarn I had leftover and grabbed my little helper to cut 4-8 inch yarn scraps.

Once we had a fairly large pile of yarn scraps in a variety of colors

we put them inside a bird suet feeder we found at our local variety store.

We then hung it outside in our tree and now our friendly birdy neighbors have the opportunity to make the most colorful nests around town!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Pictures and Treasury Sharing

I "Lala-Love" this Lalaloopsy Treasury created by mailebaldwin. I am thrilled to see my Pillow Featherbed Cloche hat featured in the mix too! ;)

A little over a week ago I did a photo shoot for my beautiful and talented mother-in-law, Karen. God has blessed her with a gift in music. She can play the piano and sing both beautifully. She is creating her own Christian music CD and had asked me if I would be her photographer for the CD. Of course I said yes.
Our first photo shoot was done on the abandoned railroad track where I had taken pictures recently of Xiera modeling the Lalaloopsy dress.

This was a bit of a challenge for me because I am used to photographing toddlers and children at play or non moving objects such as flowers. Karen made the shoot fun and relaxing.

We then packed everything up and went to a second location; at the old covered bridge.

What a gorgeous location this was. There was something serene about this place which made me feel at ease and confident. I think Karen would agree.

Karen and I are both very happy with how these pictures turned out. It was so nice to branch out from the usual pictures I take and try something new and exciting. I am looking forward to my next photo shoot; a maternity session for my best friend. :)

Monday, April 16, 2012

A Little Sneaky Peaky....

for the upcoming Who's Who Summer Vacation Launch. ;)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Little Bundles Come In All Sizes

My best friend is expecting her first baby in August. I am so excited for her and have been planning her upcoming baby shower. She recently found out that she is having a little girl! :) On Friday we went to Target together to start her baby registry. She is wanting a butterfly themed nursery. Once she laid eyes on their Tiddliwinks Raspberry Garden Bedding Collection, it was love at first sight. I just love the whimsical colors this collection has to offer. I have started on a baby blanket to match the bedding collection.

While working on the blanket, Xiera came running in to tell me that she had found a bird egg on the ground outside. I followed her and Zella outside to discover an unusual egg and what appeared to be a nest on the ground.

I soon realized it was a Killdeer bird nest and egg. Xiera was afraid that the egg was left behind and asked if she could bring it in to keep it warm in hopes that it would still hatch. I told her to leave it be and keep an eye on it from a distance because mommy bird may come back. It did look very lonely sitting there.

Sure enough, about fifteen minutes later, guess who came to check up on her only "baby-to-be"?

She seemed a bit camera shy so I tried not to intimidate her too much while I took these pictures at a distance.

How ironic it is to sit inside crocheting a baby blanket to help keep my best friend's baby-to-be warm and cozy, while glancing outside my back door at Momma bird keeping her "baby-to-be" warm and safe.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ice Cream Sandwiches Help

Zella has had her two bottom teeth lose for awhile now and I had noticed this past weekend that they were ready to come out. After dinner last night we had ice cream sandwiches for dessert. Zella told me that she felt like her tooth was about to come out. When she flashed me a smile from excitement, I had noticed a space where her bottom right front tooth had been. I said, "I think your tooth already came out." She gave me a look of surprise and then proceeded to check for her tooth with her tongue and then her finger. We looked on her dinner plate and on the floor. We examined the ice cream sandwich. She then gave me a worried look and said, "Mommy, I think I ate it!" Apparently chocolate covered teeth are delicious. ;) Xiera helped her little sister by writing an apology letter to place underneath Zella's pillow for the tooth fairy. The tooth fairy must not have been too upset because Zella found money and a trail of fairy glitter along her pillow side early this morning. She was so excited.

We had a wonderful Easter this past weekend. We visited my parents on Saturday for an early Easter dinner and the girls enjoyed hunting for eggs around their home.

The girls found all but one egg out of the 24 that were hidden.

That last egg must be hidden in a wonderful place because even 5 adults were unable to find it.
Zella didn't seem to mind and wasted no time checking each egg for yummy candy treasures.

For Easter Sunday the girls awoke to a trail of eggs obviously left by the Easter bunny himself.

The trail led to 2 baskets filled with funfilled toys and yummy candy treats.

We attended church that morning and the girls enjoyed yet another exciting egg hunt.

I hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed Easter.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Dressing Up The Chase With A New Afghan

Remember the afghan I started working on last July? Every time I would glance in my craft corner in the living room, I would see the afghan all folded up unfinished. Looking at it made me feel guilty. I have never left something unfinished for that long. Well I finally finished it today and it is gorgeous!

The colors match perfectly with our living room decor and also adds a touch of spring with those shades of pink and green. The pattern is a bit non-tradtional with half-squared granny squares, making it resemble a patchwork quilt.

I am so pleased and excited to have a new "pretty" to look at and snuggle with.

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