Monday, October 28, 2013

CRAZY Hair Day!

Today is CRAZY Hair Day at school today. We had a bit of fun and used lots of color. My youngest daughter, Zella, wanted to have rainbow hair like a unicorn so I used some pastel chalk I found at Joanne Fabrics. I used some pinks, blues, greens, a little yellow, some orange and a bit of purple. I used the flat iron to set the color, and curled some sections so her hair would resemble a real unicorn mane. I sprayed all of her hair with silver glitter and then to top it off, I crocheted a very majestic unicorn horn and attached it to a headband for her to wear. Instant Cuteness!!

My oldest daughter, Xiera, wanted cupcake pigtail buns for her hairstyle. I put her hair up into pigtails and sprayed a can of hot pink hair color onto both pigtails. (I probably should have used 2-3 cans instead of just the one since her hair is so long and thick.) I then braided her pigtails and cut a hole on the bottom of two cupcake cases. I threaded the cupcake cases onto each braid and then wrapped her braids into buns. I used hair ties and hair pins to fasten. I finished the "cupcakes" off by topping them with little red pom pom cherries. I threaded red floss through them and tied them onto the bun centers. I then sprayed silver glitter onto both cupcake buns and she was ready to go.

They were so excited and silly while waiting for the bus this morning.

What a fun day for them!
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