Monday, January 26, 2009

A Birthday Just Around The Corner

Next month Zella will be turning 2 years old, (I know, crazy, right?) She is in LOVE with Sponge Bob right now so we have to have him as the theme. I have all kinds of cute ideas planned for the party. Sponge Bucket Toss, Pin the Pants on Sponge Bob, and if we have time, Fishing for Jelly Fish. For the cake I really wanted a cake that looked just like Sponge Bob. I called our local bakery who can make practically any themed cake you can think of. Well they told me they couldn't make the entire cake resemble Sponge Bob because he is a licensed character, but that they could put a Sponge Bob toy on it, and decorate the cake with the toy(s) on it. Well I decided this year, I would take matters into my own hands once again, and design Zella's birthday cake. Remember all of the cupcakes I baked last year for her first birthday party? I have done some research online and found this website quite helpful. I am going to try to bake a tester cake this week. So wish me luck and I will post pics. ;)
This past weekend,I decided I wanted to make Zella a little something special for her big day; her very own Little Miss Mini Me Doll! This little gal took a lot of time. The hardest part in creating her; Her hair. I think I spent 3 hours alone trying to get her hair just right. It brought back a lot of memories creating her since I used to restore rainbow brite dolls and create my own OOAK characters years ago. I really love her pink and blue striped tights and pink rosy cheeks.

Xiera of course wants me to make her one now too. I made a pinky swear promise that she will get one for her birthday too. ;)

With Love,


~Bekah said...

OMG I LOVE THE DOLLS! Our little girl needs one! :) thx for the sweet comment about my baby bump. haha... it's getting bigger seems..haa i think we've decided on the name "Shelby" but no mid name yet. :)
love ur stuff!

Kimmie.K said...

Hi, there! I finally had a moment to check out your blog and I am glad I did. The doll for your daughter turned out so cute! And it looks like you are a fellow Twilight saga fan:)

crochetdlane said...

Hey Bekah! O Shelby is such a cute name!! I will have my little dolly available in my myspace store and website in late March. I am still playing catch up with orders and still working on some new designs! ;)

Kimmie! Awww thanks so much about my new dolly! I have to say your dollies inspired me to make my own. I figured I had made a mini me hat and halter top why not a dolly to match?! ;) O cna you believe I haven't read the Twilight Saga or watched the movie yet? I have been dieing too though! I am sure I will be hooked as soon as I get a chance!! I just love vampire movies and love stories so I know it will be a favorite of mine!


Kimmie.K said...

Yes, I never though anything could grab me like the Whedonverse (Buffy/Angel/Firely) but the Twilight Saga did! If you start reading it, be prepared to stay up way past your bedtime and regret it in the morning.... And thanks for the compliment:)

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