Saturday, November 12, 2011

Exploring Our Senses of Sight and Touch...

The girls enjoyed themselves this morning while attending their art class at the Troy Hayner Cultural Center. The class focused on different painting techniques besides the normal paint brush. The first project they created were pussy willow trees.

They dipped textured strings of yarn into paint and then pressed them onto paper. They then used their fingers starting with their larger fingers, (thumbs) along the bottom of the pussy willow tree first. Then working their way up the tree they used their index fingers and so on and so forth until they reached the top branches which required their pinkies to make the tiny pussy willow blossoms.

Their next project was painting landscape compositions. They picked out their favorite landscape picture and then painted what they saw. This time they were able to use paint brushes and fingers. They also learned about color mixing to create different shades of colors.
Xiera found a new technique to create texture to her painting by turning the brush upside down and using it to add detail. She used this technique to create bricks and grass strokes.

Zella preferred using only the paint brush for this project and used many different sized brushes to create her vision.

It is really amazing to see what they create. A child's vision is truly a beautiful thing. They are looking forward to the next upcoming art class where they will be creating handmade Christmas ornaments. It sounds like lots of fun and what is even more exciting is that mommy doesn't have to clean up the mess. ;)

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