Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall Family Portraits

We decided to do amateur family portraits this year and had a good friend of ours photograph us with our own camera right before our evening nature walk last night. I thought they turned out really good. It is so hard to get a great photo of all of us at once. He took about 30 shots and only about 6 turned out. Zella was getting antsy during the middle of the shoot so most of the shots at the end were just a blur of her. Xiera made a lot of cheesy grins and I kept blinking in almost every shot. The only one that looked great in all of them was hubby of course.

Instead of us matching we went for more of a casual feel and focused more on dressing in fall colors.

The jack o' lanterns were not planned but made the perfect touch I think.


Delena said...

I love the casual look of the photos. They are more real!
My you look so young to be a master crocheter!

kaydensgracedesigns said...

beautiful LINZ!! The girls are getting so big! How are ya? Miss ya! Tab

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