Monday, August 17, 2009

Punk Rock Halloween Sneak Peak

I FINALLY finished a doll and two hats and mailed them out Express to be modeled with their matching sets. Xiera modeled one of the hats and doll for me really fast before I mailed it out. The Lil Peas Go Batty Halloween Guest Launch has been going on for a week now with only one more week to go! I feel like such a procrastinator! What should I name the little doll? I was thinking Patrice the Punk. Sick (the cool sick), or Lame?

With Love,


Gloria P. said...

love the doll, and the hat, my daugter loved punk. is the doll your pattern? r u selling them?

J7Troop said...

How cool! I love the Mohawk!! And that doll is adorable :) I love her little outfit. It turned out cute! I can't wait to see the auctions for these!

If you're a procrastinator... so am I. I listed my dress today.

Sally said...

Oh my gosh Lindsay! ADORABLE!!!! You are so talented. Very unique!

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