Thursday, August 6, 2009

Her Eye Part Two

We just came back from the hospital and Zella's surgery went very well. All the chalazions were removed from her eye within 10 minutes. When she awoke from the anesthesia, she was a bit out of sorts and was not too happy with the IV on her hand. But once it came out and two popcicles later, she was a happy little camper ready to come home! The swelling should go away within a few days and the bruising should also fade away within the next few weeks or so. Zella is so happy and told me she wants to go swimming and play outside already. The doctor said only light play today so I think we will just go for a walk and plan for a funfilled day tomorrow. Thank you everyone for your prayers. We truly appreciate it and know God was there beside her every step of the way!

With Love,


kaydensgracedesigns said...

Oh good! I am so glad everything went well~! I say she can have a box of popsicles if it makes her feel better! XOXO YAY! Tab

Gloria P. said...

Oh....I would have been grumpy with the IV too ...poor sweetie.....I hope she recovers quickly....!

God bless

MamiGirlBoutique said...

YEAH! Sweet baby! I am so glad to see her smiling! :)
Thank you for letting all of us in blog land know!

Stacy said...

YEA!!! so glad everything went so well!!!!

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