Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bringing the Bugs and Modeling..

Ladybugs and the Hungry Caterpillar!!!

My dear friend Tammy of Painted*Patooties invited me to The Lil' Peas guest launch. Thanks so much Tammy!! You are such a sweetheart!! Click on the logo above to see all the fabulous picnic listings! Please click the pictures below to see what I brought to the "Picnic!"

Thanks so much Tammy and Tawnya for collaborating with me! You ladies truly ROCK!!!

Xiera also had so much fun modeling these two BEAUTIFUL and FUN sets for Chelsea of Sweetbettyco. I will just let the pictures do all of the talking!! ;)

With Love,


erin said...

Love the tops, especially the caterpillar one! SO CUTE!

crochetdlane said...

Thanks Erin!! I am so happy with how the Caterpillar halter turned out!! It has to be one of my favorites too! ;)


Katarina said...

Lindsay, great things as always. I just LOVE the ladybug halter!!!You are so talented:)

Can't wait to see with what you will come with for our upcoming launch;)


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