Thursday, March 13, 2008

More Modeling and Fun in the Sun!

Xiera and I had a lot of fun today modeling this super cute Big Bird Set made by Sarah of *BBCB* (Blue Birds Childrens Boutique) This set is O so cute and Xiera just loves the fact that all of her favorite Sesame Street characters are on it! Psssstttt....Elmo is her favorite!! ;)

Today turned out to be a BEAUTIFUL day! I can't believe that it got up to almost 65 degrees! I let the girls play outside for most of the day! Zella is getting around so much quicker now. It is really hard to keep up with her!! LOL!! Gotta love those short little quick feet!! Notice Xiera wearing her favorite pants she got from grandma Barb (my mom) She would wear those pants everyday if I let her. She calls them her comfy cozy pants! She has been going through this phase where she only wants to wear her pajamas or her jogging suits. I call it the *Comfy Cozy Phase* Every time I turn around she disappears into her room and then she comes out with a new pajama outfit on! Has anyone or is anyone going through this phase with their little one?

There is something about this next picture that makes me giggle and feel all warm and fuzzy inside! ;) I just love that spring pea coat of Zella's. She reminds me of a little miniature detective! (Notice the large branch from our tree out front has fallen from the weight of the ice that was on it a few weeks ago.)

With Love,

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Tammy said...

OMG Lindsay LMAO at the lil detective! Can your girls get any cuter!!!

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