Monday, February 25, 2008

B-Day Blast!

Zella's first birthday party turned out wonderful! I slaved baking cupcakes for the party until 4 in the morning the night before or rather the morning of, but I have to say the table looked so picture perfect with all those pretty little cupcakes! (You can see the pin the sprinkles on the cupcake game that I made for the kids to play beyond the cupcakes on the wall.)

Xiera was in charge of the balloons. Well actually she just begged and begged for a pretty purple one until I finally caved in after singing Happy Birthday! ;)

Zella ended up sleeping for half of her party. She slept through the opening of her presents. LOL!

But she finally woke up just in time for us to sing Happy Birthday to her..flashing us dirty looks the whole time. ;)

Happy First Birthday Zelly Belly! Mommy Loves You!!

With Love,



Jeanine♥ said...

Love the pics. The cupcakes are just beautiful!!! I'm glad the party was a success. I think it's adorable how Xiera has brown eyes & light hair and Zella has blue eyes & dark hair. Hugs & Kisses,

Anonymous said...

OMG...all those cupcakes!! WOW! I'm hungry just looking at them! LOL! Looks like a great party! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZELLA!

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