Sunday, May 25, 2008

Daddy and Expecting?

Well it is official!! We are expecting........kittens that is! Our spoiled country kitty Charley is pregnant!

We took her in last fall and we have grown to love her so much. She was supposed to be our indoor kitty but occasionally she would dart out the door as we would enter or leave our home. When she would come back she was always accompanied by our neighbor's cat, so I am pretty sure he is her kitty companion.
Speaking of daddys, Zella has been quite attached to this Ken doll. She calls him daddy and takes him everywhere we go. It is sooooo hilarious! Funny Story; Last week we were in a hurry to go to the store and "Daddy" was missing his clothes. Well Zella would not part from him for a second. So yes, Zella and naked "Daddy" sat in the cart together while I got some really strange looks from many customers and the cashier. "Daddy" now has his own extra change of clothes in the diaper bag!

With Love,


Katarina said...

How fun to hear about the kittens, I'm sure the girls were have the hands full of fun!!!!
Sorry if haven't being around for a while and just now saw that TDF top you crocheted!!!!!GORGEOUS!!!!!Can't wait for the launch to start!!!!!


Sharon said...

how cute is that! Zella is such a cutie. I love your new halter. Can't wait to see the whole set.

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