Thursday, May 1, 2008

Climbing Mischief

This evening after I got the girls a bath, dressed in their pajamas, and combed their hair; I went ahead and left them playing with some toys on Xiera's bedroom floor while I went to get into my comfy pajamas. Xiera came into my room shortly after to hang out with me for a minute. After I was dressed, Xiera and I went back into her bedroom and saw this!

Well I was completely shocked and baffled!!! Not to mention I about had a major heart attack!! I just couldn't believe that my little Zelly Belly had climbed up onto the top of this stool and was leaning against Xiera's dresser wiping lip gloss all over her face!! Even Xiera's little mouth dropped open in shock!! Well from now on I won't underestimate Zella's climbing abilities! The old large wooden stool won't be gracing it's presence in Xiera's room anymore. Xiera liked using it to feed her fish. I guess I better get her a much smaller stool to use!

With Love,


Tammy said...

ROFLMAO Lindsay...hey you got yourself a total girl, id climb for some lipgloss too! Too cute!

crochetdlane said...

LOL Tammy! You know come to think of it, I would probably climb for some lip gloss too!! :)


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