Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Our Little Karate Girl

Zella recently decided to trade her Daisy Girl Scout vest in for a Karate Gi. Yes you read that right. Zella is officially a white belt in karate.

It all began when Zella viewed a you tube video of a little girl doing some intense karate moves. Zella just stared at this video and replayed it over and over again mesmerized. She said, "Mom, I didn't know I could take karate. I want to be in karate. Can I start tomorrow?"

We love supporting and encouraging our two girls in their interests so we began looking into karate studios, classes, and Dojos nearby that we could take Zella to. We found the perfect Dojo for her to begin classes nearby and after school one Wednesday we took her to visit.

She had a sparkle in her eye that I had never seen before when we walked into that Dojo. She was so excited and smiling ear to ear. She told us that she LOVED it and wanted to start right away. So we signed her up and that was that.

We had never seen her so intense and driven about something before which made us very excited for her.

She has found her true passion.
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