Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Daisy Petals Girl Scout Hat

My youngest daughter is a Daisy girl scout and has been very busy these past few weeks selling girl scout cookies. The weather has not been the greatest outside for door to door sales, and with booth sales approaching, I thought I would make her a little daisy girl scout hat to keep her head warm.

A Girl Scout Daisy earns her petals by participating and completing activities that represent each petal.

An activity for let's say the yellow petal, which represents friendly and helpful, can be as easy as bringing in a snack at a meeting and passing it out to each of her "daisy sisters" while also saying something nice to each of the girls.
By doing this kind gesture, she will get rewarded the yellow petal to add to her girl scout tunic.

Zella really enjoys being a Daisy Girl Scout and has made a lot of friends within her troop. She is learning so many valuable life lessons while having lots of fun!

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Unknown said...

So adorable!!! Do you have the Daisy pattern? I would love to make this for my little one.

crochetdlane said...

Hello Kelly!

The daisy pattern is actually very simple....

Daisy Flower Pattern

It's 10 hdc in the center, for each petal chain 9, hdc in to 3rd ch from the hook, hdc into nxt 2, dc into nxt 2, hdc into rest and slip stitch back into starting place of the petal. After all the petals are finished, w/ white I single stitched around everything. Then take white and ch 12, sew the chain around the outer edge of the center blue. Weave in ends and you are finished. ;)


Cortney said...

Oh how cute! I need to make one for my little girl, she's starting Daisy's in the fall. I saw your photo when I was googling girl scout stuff, is there a pattern for the hat portion? Thanks!

Casper said...

what hat pattern did you use. I love it

Unknown said...

Hello I am a leader of a daisy troop in long island ny. I would love to give these hats as Christmas gifts. Would you have any interest in making 11 of them for sale?
Thank you,
Kim Adamo
Daisy troop 2266

crochetdlane said...

Hello Kim!

I can make 11 Daisy hats for your girl scout troop and have them mailed out in time for Christmas. Please email me at if you are still interested and we can discuss further. I look forward to your response.

Lindsay of Crochet D Lane

crochetdlane said...

Hello Casper! The basic hat pattern I used was a purchased pattern written by Lucinda of Tiptopapplesauce. Here is her Etsy store link. The flower pattern is listed above. I hope this helps!

Lindsay of Crochet D Lane

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