Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Birthday Celebration..Kindergarten Style

Zella's 6th birthday was officially Thursday, but we celebrated last night with family and a handful of her classmates from school at a place called Jumpy's.

There really wasn't a theme this year; just lots of colorful fun!
My friend Vanessa made Zella's cake this year. She is the one who made Xiera's fabulous Fairy Mushroom House cake for her party last year and the adorable bear cake for my best friend's baby shower last year. We love and admire her talent for making beautiful and fun cakes.

Inside this cake was even more colorful fun....

Everyone loved it; especially the birthday girl!

She had fun and mommy was able to relax, so it was a win, win all around! Happy Birthday Zelly Belly!


~Bekah said...

LOVE IT!! :) THAT CAKE IS GORGEOUS!! i wanna have one like that for shelby's birthday this june... she wants a Bubble Guppies Party :) hee heee.. that's gonna be fun for a summer bday party!!

crochetdlane said...

We love Bubble Guppies! You should definitely do a rainbow cake for that! It would be so much fun Bekah!


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