Thursday, April 15, 2010

Opening Our Hearts

With a lot of thought and consideration; pondering on all the pros and cons; we have decided to open our hearts and welcome into our cozy home two adorably sweet guinea pigs. I would like to introduce Applesauce.

And Fluffy.

We brought them home last weekend and the girls were in instant love, as am I. It is so amazing how their personalities are so different. They both have their own unique preferences. Applesauce is really laid back. He enjoys cuddle time especially when getting brushed and kicking back in his cozy pet den. His favorite foods are broccoli florets and apple slices. Fluffy is more adventurous and can be seen on most days popcorning around in his cage. He enjoys play time where he can have full access to run and jump in Zella's room. He enjoys grazing outdoors on grass and dandelions and his favorite food to nibble on is a fresh green romaine lettuce leaf.

We are looking forward to getting to know these two a bit more and look forward to all of the little adventures we will share with them. Welcome home!


Poe Lane said...

I love guinea pigs. I would love to get one for my kids someday.

Tasha said...

awww i love them hes so cute

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