Sunday, April 19, 2009

Another Baby On The Way!

Yep you read that right!! Xiera and Zella are going to have a new baby cousin soon! (I bet you were thinking something else..;) ) My SIL Carolyn is expecting baby number 3 and after having two handsome boys, she is so thrilled to be expecting a beautiful baby girl! Want to see what I made for baby? Of course you do!

It is a baby cocoon with matching hat. I think the creme with the pink rosettes and sage green leaves along the trim looks so shabby chic and Girly! :)

Xiera had her own "baby" model for me this morning. ;) O and yes I know Xiera doesn't match. She picks out her own pajamas to wear. ;)

And Carolyn was of course thrilled when she opened her gift from me today! ;) Congrats Carolyn! Hugs to you and sweet baby girl!

With Love,

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Sharon said...


That is so sweet!

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