Friday, February 6, 2009

Creative Hairstyles

Just recently Xiera has been insisting on me trying to put her hair up in different ways. She told me she was tired of her hair being down and wanted me to do something pretty to it. So everyday this week she has had a different hairstyle! I have found some really neat hairstyle ideas from Bowsnstuff and Hairstyles For Girls. We tried the double hearts hairstyle from Hairstyles For Girls blog today, and well, ours didn't quite turn out like hearts, but it still looked really pretty and she got lots of compliments when we were out and about shopping today. ;) She told me she felt like a princess. ;) Now if only Zella would let me do something to that crazy hair of hers.....

With Love,


J7Troop said...

That looks cute Lindsay! My girls love their hair done too. Which is great. But I have the same issue... my little one wont let me do her hair, let alone brush it. It is quite the effort to make her hair look 'nice'.

I have a lot of hair blogs I visit often. If you'd like to bookmark them for yourself, pop on by my blog and look at the lower right panel. There are a ton of hair bloggers out in the internet world!

Have fun with the creative styles ;)


crochetdlane said...

O WOW Sarah! You have a lot of hair blogs to follow!!! How COOL!! WOW!! Well Xiera and I will have a blast looking at the different hairstyles to chose from this weekend so we can try all new hairstyles for next week! Thanks a bunch!!


MamiGirlBoutique said...

I love that blog, too! I LOVE what you did there! She looks beautiful! My oldest has not enough hair, and the baby has a big forehead, ROFL!
SO, there you go!

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