Friday, November 7, 2008

The Closeness of Sisters, Random Pictures

This past Wednesday was my birthday and the girls and I dressed all in pink with our cupcake headbands made by Janissa of JM Baby Boutique. Hubby took us all out for breakfast and we spent most of the day outdoors enjoying the beautiful warm Indian Summer weather we were having.
I just love sitting back and watching the girls play. There is such a special bond and closeness between sisters.

It saddens me how fast they are growing yet at the same time it is so bitter sweet.

Day by day we build memories that we will cherish for a lifetime!

I love Zella's sweet laughter and the way she looks at the world with those big blue wide curious eyes.

I love Xiera's Adventurous Spirit. She is always so spontaneous and assertive with everything she sets her mind to.

I can see myself in both of them. But I also see qualities within them that set them apart from myself and each other making them special and unique individuals.

With Love,


Jeanine♥ said...

Love this post! So true! It just touched my heart this morning...and after the mornings I've been having I really needed this post. Much love,

Tammy said...

Happy happy birthday Lindsay:)

crochetdlane said...

Awww thanks Tammy for the birthday wishes and Jeanine, I am so happy you loved my post! ;) Not only are sisters the sweetest they are also very demanding!! Hugs!!!


Sally said...

Happy Birthday Lindsay! Cute pictures!

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