Wednesday, August 6, 2008

What Have We Been Up To?

It has been a whole week since my last blog!! WOW! Well we have all been very busy over here!! I have been crocheting up a storm!! I had to post on my myspace page that I was no longer excepting anymore custom orders until October. I have so many orders to catch up on which is wonderful but a bit overwhelming too!! Here is a Halloween arm warmer and leg warmer set that I just mailed out this week to be modeled.

Xiera and Zella have been very busy modeling! Here are a few cute dresses the girls modeled for Sarah of *BBCB*(Blue Birds Children's Boutique). Look!! I can put Zella's hair in pigtails now! She reminds me of Boo from Monster's Inc.

And Xiera also had so much fun modeling these adorable sets for Francoise of Francoise*Studio! All I can say about these sets..... WOWZA!!!!! Don't forget to check out her website too!

Xiera got 3 inches cut off of her hair at the salon right before she modeled these next 2! She loves her new hair cut! It looks so much more healthier now I think! ;)

And here are a few of my favorite pics from their modeling shoots! I love Zella's pretty blue eyes in these pics.

And I just love the way the sun is casting a glow on Xiera's face here. So pretty!

I also put the girls to work this past weekend!! We had a family car wash! ;) LOL!

And to go along with the "Car Wash" theme; who doesn't love this song?

I don't have a low rider as you can tell but a girl can always dream!

With Love,

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