Sunday, August 31, 2008

Did You Miss Me?

What a WEEK!!! Let's see, where do I begin? Well late last week I was uploading pictures from my camera and was called into the bathroom to assist Xiera. I left my camera on my computer desk since it was still in the process of uploading onto my computer. I come back and find Zella holding my camera. I told Zella to give the camera to mommy and she takes one look at me, smiles and throws my camera onto the kitchen floor lens first!!! So now my camera won't focus and turns on and off constantly! We already sent it in to be fixed so I am hoping and praying that they can fix it. Then our internet service was acting wacky all week long!! Some things wouldn't even load up and other times it was slower than dial up!! I was ready to scream!!! The Time Warner guy came out yesterday and had to run a new line since the other one was bad! A week with no camera or internet!! You know I was going through massive withdraws. At least I was able to get caught up with a lot of orders.

Look at my Hungry Caterpillar Hat being modeled by the adorable Elle!!!

It looks so adorable on her!! I have to say I love her caterpillar prop too!
And here is Alex in my Jack Hat! I just love her eyes! This is Xiera's new fave too!

I will be listing these in my Etsy store soon!

Here is a pretty little scarf and hat set I made to match a set made by San of Boutiqueprincessnbows. I already sent it off to be modeled but snapped a few pics of Xiera modeling it. This was right before Zella broke my camera BTW.

O and I never did get to share the beautiful sets Xiera modeled for Francoise of Francoise*Studio.

Aren't they both just the cutest?
And look at these cute bracelets Xiera modeled for Nicki of Tiny Tot Jewelry! Here is a close up shot!

And here is a collage of a few others!

I hope everyone has a fun and relaxing Labor Day weekend!

With Love,

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