Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sweet Sister Love

Yesterday I took the girls to the beautiful Wegerzyn Gardens Metropark to take some late spring photos of them. This park is absolutely gorgeous as it has so many pretty flowers to see and smell. I had purchased their matching sister dresses from mellonmonkeys on Etsy for them to wear this past Easter. Last year I was so disappointed in myself for not taking more pictures of the girls dressed in their Easter dresses, so I vowed this year to not make the same mistake twice.
These two have such a special bond with one another as most sisters do. Most days they play so well with one another and share their dolls and make up special games to play that only they understand. But then there are those certain days or even a particular time within a day that their moods will turn from sweet to sour in a blink of an eye.
It is a beautiful thing when they do forgive each other and move on to new fun and exciting sister adventures where they share secrets and play make believe.
Zella looks up to her big sister and wants to do everything Xiera does. If Xiera is playing games on the computer, well Zella wants to play too. If her big sister is coloring a picture, well of course she wants to color too. A few months ago, Zella had asked us if she could wear glasses just like Xiera. We told her that Xiera has to wear glasses to see better and that she didn't need to wear them because she can see just fine without them. This answer was not acceptable for Zella, so hubby had a wonderful idea. He took a pair of Xiera's old glasses and took out the lenses. Now Zella has her very own pair of glasses to wear; just like her big sister. Sisters are a true blessing!

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