Monday, June 4, 2012

A "Fairy" Special Day

Xiera's 8th birthday was yesterday so we celebrated it in a "fairy" special way. The theme was woodland flower fairies and gnomes. I hung tulle from the fan to drape around the table and hung pink and purple streamers mixed with flower and leaf ribbons to hang in the center. I hung a fairy banner from the ceiling with Cicely Mary Barker's fairy prints. Xiera loves these fairies so much. The BEAUTIFUL fairy mushroom cake and cupcakes to match were made by my sister-in-law's friend Vanessa. I can go on and on about how wonderful this cake truly was. Every little detail was perfect down to the little marshmallow icing mushrooms and rocks sitting by the perfect little fairy door that resembled real wood. There were even imprints of grass around the base of the cake.
All of the cupcakes had Cicely Mary Barker fairy toppers on them to match the banner and Xiera's dress.
I found the adorable fairy cake topper keepsake on Etsy. It was made by fairiesbynurias.
For party favors, Xiera and I made little fairies to give to the girls and I purchased gnomes for the boys. I crocheted the mushroom centerpiece, and I purchased the pattern to create it HERE.
I created the fairy goody bags using plain brown goody bags purchased at the local dollar tree. I then stamped a Cicely Mary Barker fairy image onto each bag. I hot glued craft butterflies onto each bag's center and punched holes to thread ribbon through to tie into bows.

They were filled with fairy/gnome treasures that I purchased from the Oriental Trading Company. As our guests began to arrive, we had fairy and gnome coloring sheets set out with crayons for them to color. This was the ice breaker and kept them busy while we awaited for all of our guests to arrive. All of our guests arrived at the same time this year so we began preparing for the fairy / gnome scavenger hunt. I had printed out a list of items for all of our little guests to find and stapled them securely to each bag.
My wonderful husband made a wooden picnic table the night before which came in handy for the party activities. They decorated their scavenger hunt bags with decorative foam stickers at the table. After their bags were decorated, it was time to begin the scavenger hunt. For our younger guests who were unable to read, we either paired them with an older friend or adult to help. Xiera's fairy dress which had the Cecily Mary Barker fairies print was created by Karen of Layla and Stitch. After they gathered all of their scavenger hunt finds they then came back to the table to put all of their finds into pails to make their fairy or gnome's habitat home.
The kids enjoyed doing this and made some fabulous homes.
After everyone was finished, we headed in so that they could choose a fairy or gnome from the party table to put inside their new home they made. Soon after it was present time, and Xiera received so many wonderful presents. Xiera must have made a truly wonderful wish because she paused for a few seconds before blowing out her candles.
The cake was not only beautiful, but it was delicious too! After cake we had one more BIG surprise for our birthday girl. We gathered everyone outside to unveil.... A NEW BIG GIRL BIKE!! Star wheel bling and all!! Happy Birthday Xiera! I hope all of your fairy wishes came true! I can't believe you are 8 years old already!! *sniff* *sniff*

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