Thursday, October 30, 2008

Begger's Night

We went Trick Or Treating in my parents' neighborhood again this year and the girls had so much fun!!!
Zella's face says it all!!! LOL!

Xiera loved hanging out with her cousin Libby!

And we saw so many neat Halloween displays!

And even some real creative ones! I know I probably shouldn't post this one, but you have to admit it is pretty clever!

With Love,


Katarina said...

What a beautiful crocheted things you made for your girls for the Halloween!!!Seems that they were having fun, as well as you;)
xoxoxo, Katarina

Jeanine♥ said...

I want to come trick or treating with you!! LOVE all the creative displays you got to see! Xiera & Zella looked adorable! Very creative costume on Xiera. LOVE LOVE it!

Brooke said...

It looks like you had fun! We sure did! My kids got 10 lbs. of candy (yucky) it's all hidden and given away!!!

Your leg warmers you make.....I have to have a pair for Makena because all she wants to wear is skirts that spin....and it's freezing cold out! I'll e-mail you soon...I think I still have your e-mail!

Have a good day Lindsay!

crochetdlane said...

Thanks Katarina!! We all had a blast!
O I know Jeanine! My parents' neighborhood really went all out this year! There were a few haunted garages (more for the rated R and pg-13), A lot of folks were at the end of the driveway passing out candy which made things so much easier and fun! We even had a dad at the end of one driveway dressed up like Tigger!!! LOL!! He was a riot! You would never catch my hubby wearing that EVER!!

O yes Brooke...we have TONS of candy here too! I have been snacking on some of the chocolate treats at night.....I is horrible!!! I would LOVE to make a pair of leg warmers for Makena so just shoot me an email whenever you want at or just leave a message here! ;)


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