Thursday, April 19, 2012

Making Nests Beautiful One Strand At A Time

I would LOVE to say that this wonderful craft was my own original idea but I can't take the credit. I did find this wonderful idea on Pinterest and have to thank the bloggers over at Jupiter Moon Farm for sharing it with the world.
If you are a lover of fiber, whether you are a crocheter like myself, knitter or even an embroider; you know all too well that there is always extra scraps left over after you create a wonderful piece of artwork. I always keep these scraps in hopes of using them for something later on. Well here is that chance to use those scraps!

I gathered all of my tiny scrap balls of yarn I had leftover and grabbed my little helper to cut 4-8 inch yarn scraps.

Once we had a fairly large pile of yarn scraps in a variety of colors

we put them inside a bird suet feeder we found at our local variety store.

We then hung it outside in our tree and now our friendly birdy neighbors have the opportunity to make the most colorful nests around town!

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