Sunday, November 27, 2011

Spending A Little Time With Santa

Christmas is once again rapidly approaching us. Of course our weather isn't exactly as expected; 65 degrees in Ohio at the end of November. Not that I am complaining in the least. It is really nice to not have to wear a bulky coat everywhere.
We kept with tradition and visited Santa Claus at the community center. The girls dressed in their beautiful gingerbread girl dresses for the occasion. Their adorable dresses were made by Mandy of Gooseberry Lane Originals. I am making a pair of leg warmers to match these dresses. I unfortunately did not have enough time to finish them before visiting Santa but plan to have them finished before the girls have their Christmas portraits done. Karen of Layla*and*Stitch made their long sleeved peasant shirts they are wearing underneath their dresses. So cute!

There is something almost magical when walking into the center and hearing the orchestra playing Christmas songs and seeing their gorgeous Christmas tree all lit up and decorated to perfection.

The girls' eyes widened with excitement and their smiles expanded from ear to ear!

They brought along their American Girl dolls this year and I wished I would have had dresses made to match for their dolls. I will have to make a mental blog note and do that next year. Build A Bear Clothes do work great for American Girl dolls though. That is what we did for Xiera's doll so she could have her doll dressed for the occasion.
Santa arrived on his sleigh on wheels and you could hear the squeals of excitement come from every child there. While waiting in line to get balloon art from the talented balloon lady, the girls snuck onto the sleigh to take it for a "pretend" spin.

Finally after a long wait in line while filling up on chocolate chip cookies and dancing to Christmas music, the girls were next to have their balloons made. Most children had crazy elf hats, candy canes, snowmen, and reindeer made.

Xiera's request was so sweet that it made my heart smile. She had asked for a baby Jesus. I am so happy and proud that my girls remember the true meaning of Christmas. It isn't about the presents, the decorations, the lights, or Santa. It is about the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. The talented balloon lady didn't hesitate, and began whipping up a baby Jesus balloon for her.

and then she made another for Zella. :)

Soon after, the girls finally had their visit with the Jolly Old Elf himself, Mr. Claus. Xiera shared her list with him which included a few of her favorites that she would like to have this year; A Figit Friend named Willa, A Penbo Penguin, Laguna Blue Monster High Doll, and a few Lalaloopsy dolls; Rosy Bumps and Bruises, Suzette La Sweete, and Holly Sleighbells.

Then it was Zella's turn.

Zella didn't have a list but had only one special request; The Monster High Doll, Abbey Bominable. Santa reminded them to be good little girls and he would do his best to make their Christmas a happy one this year. :)

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Katarina said...

Hi sweetie!!!
Thank you so much for your wonderful BD wishes and for stopping by my blog!! Happy BD to you too and all the best wishes in this Holiday season:))xxx

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