Saturday, December 17, 2011

It's Beginning to Look A lot Like Christmas

Our tree is up...

And decorated with our favorite treasured ornaments.

The stockings are all hung and we have a new little friend who came to visit us from the North Pole.

Her name is Holly and she is such a sweet yet mischievous little elf. She has been very busy popping up in different places in our home every morning. She is Santa's spy and she leaves us every night to tell Santa Claus if the girls were being naughty or nice.

The girls simply adore her as do I! :)
Last week Xiera and Zella took another art class making Christmas ornaments. They made many different kinds. They made puzzle piece wreathes, stamped Christmas cards, gingerbread people, and glitter ornament balls.

I am finishing up the last of my custom Christmas orders this evening and mailing them out in the morning. I am really cutting too close this year. Note to self: **Remember to switch your Etsy store to vacation mode right after black Friday to ensure all orders will get out in time for Christmas.** I have come to realize that people do not read the BOLD notice at the top of my store stating that I am no longer taking Christmas orders after December 2nd. I have pulled many late nighters because of this but even with the lack of sleep that I have had, I still have been very pleased with a few custom orders I have created.
One of my favorites was this custom stocking hat I made. It is reversed in color compared to my original Holly Jolly Elf hat and features a holly leaf and berries on the front cuff band with a red pom pom ball dangling from the end instead of a bell.

It turned out VERY cute I think!

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