Friday, November 18, 2011

My Fingers and Hook have been busy....

I have been very busy this week with custom orders. My beloved customers have such great taste. The first hat I made was a floral cloche hat very similar to my Isn't She Lovely Cloche design except it was done in more vibrant and fun colors.

The next custom hat I made was for a very special little customer I hold dear to my lovely daughter Xiera of course. ;) She requested a Lalaloopsy crochet hat made with her favorite Lalaloopsy character, Pillow Featherbed. Remember her Halloween costume?

How could I tell those beautiful big brown eyes no? Xiera actually helped me with the design of this hat. I made the hat to resemble Pillow Featherbed's actual pajamas. I used raspberry and light pink and trimmed it with a whip stitch using orange and white. As I was designing Pillow's hair, Xiera told me that Pillow's hair needed to be twisted and then proceeded to show me how it had to be done. I have to admit, my vision was completely different than hers, but I adore the final result. Her twisting method was brilliant!!

My final custom, which I actually just finished this afternoon, turned out better than I could have ever imagined. My sweet friend Bekah had asked me to make a special owl hat for her adorable daughter Shelby. It needed to be bright, fun, fluffy, and wonderful....

I LOVE all of the textures this hat has to offer and the colors are so vibrant! This hat just screams, "FUN!" It is the softest hat too. I used Yarn Bee's Cameo Bulky in Pink Pearl mixed with I Love Cotton yarn in pink.

I think the dramatic eyes with those eyelashes MAKE this hat. I know Zella loves it!

I plan on listing all three of these hats in my Etsy store early next week as customs so stay tuned.

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~Bekah said...

Thanks soooooo much Lindsay for your fanominal work!! I can't wait to try it on Shelby! I just booted about it and inked to ur blog! :) it's at the bottom of the decorations post and all. Eeeeeeehhhhh I can't wait to get it!!!!!

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