Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Sweet Little Peak and My Brave Girl

Roses are Red...

Violets are to be continued... ;)

Xiera has been wanting to get her ears pierced for a little while now so yesterday at our trip to the mall we took her to do just that. She was so excited!
Once we got there the manager had told us that the other girl had gone home for the day so instead of having two girls to pierce at the same time; there was only one. I told her that she would feel two pinches instead of just one and her response was, "I don't care! I want pretty earrings!" Here is a before pic! Just look at that anxious and excited smile!

Then it was time to get the placement dots.

Here comes the first one..

And now the second..

Can you believe she didn't even cry at all? Two piercings later and look at that smile and those pretty pink sparkly flower earrings!

I am just so proud of my big brave girl!


Katarina said...

That's something that Marta wants to do as well, but she isn't that brave....maybe soon;)

IrinaBohemianDance said...

What a beauty!!!



kaydensgracedesigns said...

Awwww how sweet Linz! Great job big girl Xiera! She is so pretty! Tab


Wow! SHe must have really been READY! I can't believe she didn't cry! Very brave and beautiful! My Kya (4) is not quite ready yet. She always chickens out when we talk about the pinching part.

crochetdlane said...

Thanks ladies! I can't believe she followed through with it myself! She REALLY wanted her ears pierced!!! ;)


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