Thursday, September 3, 2009

Off She Goes

This morning my big kindergartener got on the school bus for the first time. She was so excited. I, on the other hand, was a crying mess.
When it came time daddy, Zella, and I all walked Xiera down the driveaway and waited for the bus to arrive.
When the bus arrived, she was all smiles and ready to get on! I am really in awe over the above picture I took. That natural lens flare is really spectacular!
She gave me a quick kiss and hug, waved to Zella and daddy, and walked up those bus stairs. She then gave me a quick pose, and walked on back to take her seat.

The bus rolled away, and we all waved bye, while I wiped away many bittersweet tears. :)

Once we got back inside, Zella and I enjoyed some delicious cinnamin rolls with fresh blueberries.


Zella's eye seems to be doing much better. She still has a very small chalazion on her upper eyelid. It came back after her second surgery, but it is very small and hard to see and isn't swollen at all. We think it will go away on it's own. We are still applying her meds, and warm compresses. She has had a few go away on their own so hopefully this one will too! ;)

With Love,



Oh I miss you Lindsay!!!

Before I read what you wrote, I myself was in awe of that first school bus picture!! OMG it couldn't have turned out any more perfect! Just amazing (needs to be in Parents Magazine).

& I LOVE LOVE LOVE to see the girls still wearing my headbands!!! :)

crochetdlane said...

Awww Janissa you are too sweet!!! Girl I know! I couldn't believe how that pic came out myself!! So AWESOME!! The girls LOVE your headbands!! Especially Xiera! You just reminded me; I was going to order some more of them for Xiera. They are the only things she will wear in her hair. She even demands to wear them to bed because they hold her hair out of her face! So funny!

Off to see if you are taking any orders so I can hopefully place my order! ;)


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