Friday, September 11, 2009

Baby The Pretty Pony Purse

I was so excited when my good friend and amazing designer Sally of Loveland*Avenue asked me to collaborate with her for Wisterialane's Duet Launch. We chose the song All The Pretty Little Horses to inspire us for this launch. She made the sweet horse/pony lounge set, and I made Baby The Pretty Pony Purse to match. For all of my crocheting friends, you can find the FREE pattern to make one yourself, HERE. I had the pleasure of working with mom/daughter modeling team Robin and Natalie of lonnierobin on Ebay for this launch. These two were an absolute joy to work with. Natalie is a living a doll and Robin's photography is just amazing. Just look for yourself!

You can find Baby The Pretty Pony Purse HERE!

With Love,


MamiGirlBoutique said...

I LOVE that purse!!! GREAT JOB! And Natalie is a doll! CUTE CUTE set, too! The purse, Can you make one in other colors?!?

crochetdlane said...

O thanks so much Shawnta! Yes I can make these in other colors and I am going to be making an enchanted version of it soon too. I just need to play catch up! ;)


Anonymous said...

This looks just like the free pattern that was on the net several years ago. I made 15 of these little purses in several color combinations. Verigated bodies turn out great, but I was surprised at combination colors like orange body, black mane and tail. I started out with the plan of making one for a granddaughter turning 3, and once it was seen, all the granddaughters wanted one, including the 12 year old. I even had a special order from my sister (58), a 6 year old boy, and a friends daughter (30), who actually carrys it as her every-day purse. I need to make a couple for Christmas.

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