Monday, December 1, 2008

A Visit With Santa

I took the girls to go see Santa on Saturday. Before we left I had to take a few quick pics of the girls in their adorable reindeer dresses made by Kim of 1976cook on Ebay. She has the cutest pillowcase dresses! The piggy poofs were made by my dear friend Jeanine of Monkey Cheek Boutique.

The pink fur cuffs were crocheted by yours truly. They are removable and can be made in a variety of colors! They are very stretchy because I crocheted pony tail O's into them. I had to pin Zella's onto her shirt because she was not a fan of them. Hers came off immediately after these pics. Xiera loved hers and kept them on all night.

Zella to no surprise was not thrilled with the idea of sitting on some strange elderly man's lap and gave me "the look" as if to say, "You better be sitting with me mommy!" LOL! Xiera on the other hand was ecstatic. She was so funny on Santa's lap. She said, "Santa, I want Fur Berries and Little Lovables, Fill 'Em With Love!" Then once we said our goodbye's to Santa, she told me she was mad because she forget to tell Santa she wanted the Barbie Diamond Castle with all the dolls, Horse and Carriage. I told her that Daddy and I would text Santa and let him know right away. ;)

Santa even brought his sleigh and the girls LOVED sitting inside of it! Zella didn't want to get out of Santa's sleigh and made sure to let everyone there know it. ;)

With Love,

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~Bekah said...

OMG, these outfits are adorable!! Ur girls are growing so fast! I love the santa picture!

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