Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Messy Rooms, Modeling, and Puppet Fun

I finally have a moment to breathe, drink a cappuccino and blog!! So let's first talk about kids' bedrooms! My only question is how does this happen within 15 minutes?

I mean COME ON!!! It takes Xiera and I over a half an hour every evening to clean up her room and then the very next morning it looks like a tornado just ripped through her room again, which leaves me to wonder why do I even bother cleaning?
A few days ago Xiera got a little present in the mail. Inside was this adorable Crochet Parrot Puppet made by my talented crocheting friend Sarah of Bearly Around Bears And Friends. Xiera named him Norm. Isn't he just the prettiest Scarlet Macaw? Thank you so much Sarah!! He is Adorable and very well made!!

Xiera and I went to the park to have a little modeling fun early this afternoon while Zella stayed home with daddy and took a little nap. Xiera modeled two Nemo sets from 2 different designers. The first shortall set was made by Lisa of Artgirlblue! Xiera loves that it has all of the characters from the movie on it; front and back! O and did I mention the removable dangling fish that hangs from the pocket? How cool is that?

And the next ADORABLE 2-piece set was made by Sarah of *BBCB*.

Both of these sets inspired Xiera and I to watch Finding Nemo this evening. One of her absolute favorite movies! ;)

With Love,

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Sarah Jones said...

I know exactly what you mean about messy rooms! Once you get one done and head to the next, the "tornado" comes in and all your hard work disappears.

You're welcome for "Norm". The picture is great and I am glad Xiera looks like she is having fun!!

The Finding Nemo outfits are cute! I can't decide which one is my favorite :?

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