Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Creative Determination

Well I have been working on a new Tulip shirt design to match Gymbo's Holland Days Line and I must say I am really excited, and stressed about it all at the same time. I have completely taken this thing apart probably 8-9 times. Yesterday I worked on one sleeve for practically the whole day and then decided that I hated the way it looked and took it all apart and redid it in a completely different design than I had originally planned. Uggggggg....I know, but now I am really happy with the way the sleeves turned out.

Now I am working on the chest and waist of the top and I already took it apart and redid it 3 times today.

I will be working on this all night long, but I know it will be just ADORABLE once it is all finished.

While I was a bit frazzled with my new Tulip design, Xiera was having a wonderful time painting with her brand new watercolors. She has her mommy's artistic traits. ;)



Sarah Jones said...

I agree with you... it will be adorable once you are finished. All of your designs are. Keep up the good work and I can't wait to see the finished piece.

Happy crocheting!


crochetdlane said...

Thanks Sarah!! I really appreciate it!! Happy Crocheting to you too!!


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