Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Summer Fun With the Family

This summer has been lazy, crazy, and fun for us so far. Some of our lazy moments included me kicking back on the porch looking at my latest crochet magazine I received in the mail while daydreaming of what to crochet next.

Getting our nails done by my cousin Mandy.

Going outside to just fly a kite.

And picking mulberries off of our tree to make homemade mulberry pudding cake.

Our fun moments included going swimming,

putt putt golfing,

birthday parties with friends,

riding elephants and camels at Idle Hour Ranch,

and visiting King's Island on daddy's birthday.

And last, but certainly not least our crazy home improvement moments... staining the front porch...


installing new carpet...

And resealing the long driveway.

Every day is an adventure over here.
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