Sunday, June 1, 2014

Donut-Mustache Party

Xiera turns 10 years old on June 3rd so we celebrated with an early birthday party for her over the weekend. I can't believe my baby will be turning a decade old. It just doesn't seem possible. Time sure does fly! She had a random themed party of Donuts and Mustaches. I made three different flavored donut cakes using a donut cake mold I purchased off of Amazon. One was jelly filled with powered sugar,another was a Boston Creme flavored using vanilla pudding for the inside and topped with chocolate icing and sprinkles, and last but not least a plain strawberry glazed with sprinkles and no filling.

I set up an outdoor photo booth using an old quilt for the backdrop and cut out mustaches and glued them onto wooden sticks to use as props.

For a fun game we had everyone bob for donuts. I hung donuts from the tree and had them hold their hands behind their backs. They then used only their mouths to try and eat the donuts. Whoever ate their donut first was the winner.

Xiera and her cousin Kailyn tied.

We then did a bit of chalk art.

The party was simple, fun, and a major success!
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