Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday Flip Flops

I have had a BUSY week this week. The girls both had field trips this week with their classes that hubby and I switched off to volunteer for. I have also been working on custom flip flop orders this week.
These cute ice cream social flip flops were made for my dear cousin-in-law in Florida. She has 2 sweet little girls that are going to love these.

The striped infant flip flops were custom made for an old high school friend of mine who recently had a beautiful baby girl.

The Shades of Purple flip flops and Lavender Rose flip flops were custom made for a dear customer of mine. They are for her teenage daughters.

This week we also gained a new member to our family. Meet Cupcake...

She is 8 weeks old and spends most of her day on the girls' bottom bunk bed having sweet kitten dreams. Sadly she has conjunctivitis (pink eye) and had to visit the vet yesterday because of it. She is now on medicine and is starting to slowly feel much better. Isn't she precious?
 photo kittysiggie.jpg

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