Thursday, March 7, 2013

Snow Days Put You In The Cleaning Mood

Yesterday we woke up to this beautiful scene.

The girls had their second snow day from school, but instead of sledding and building snowmen, I decided it was time to take on this not so beautiful scene... the scariest room in the house; the playroom.

Yes...shameful, I know. I had always walked passed it and ignored it by shutting the door. I knew it was time to just get in there and do something about it. So I gathered up the girls, mandated jobs for both of them, and put them to work. Our goal was to downsize unwanted and outgrown toys, and organize what they still wanted. Our unwanted toys always either get passed down to their cousins or donated to our local Goodwill store. Hubby brought up 2 shelves that he no longer needed in his office. He just finished organizing his office. I guess you could say that his cleaning bug bit me. At first, I couldn't imagine shelves actually fitting in this room. The thought seemed preposterous to me.

But as things started thinning out and getting organized, the shelves made sense and did indeed fit.

Before, the purpose of the bench was for the lalaloopsys to sit on it. Now the lalaloopsys have a shelf to call home. The bench is now open, inviting, and it is great to sit on while playing the Wii.

I can't wait to start painting. I am thinking a light blue, possibly turquoise with a touch of red accents. I was thinking red and white polka dotted curtains, and a pink, red, and blue crochet bunting hung around the room. ;)
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