Saturday, March 10, 2012

A New Lalaloopsy Themed Bedroom

The girls' new big girl room is FINALLY complete. I painted their room blossom pink where it was once banana creme yellow. We took down all of the princess and ballerina items and went with a new theme....Lalaloopsys!
I found a nice and talented lady on facebook who created the neatest scrap art I had ever seen. She made the scrap lalaloopsy character art pictures you see on the wall.

I found the picture frames at the local dollar tree. I then used krylon spray primer and paint in watermelon, ivy leaf, pumpkin orange, and blue ocean breeze to bring out the fun on those dull and boring frames.

We hung shelves in the corner of the room to display some of their favorite lalaloopsy dolls.

I think they look so cute sitting up there side by side with their little pets.

The window treatments were originally the blue dot window panels on target's website. I purchased 4 of them and found that they were a bit too long. They were hanging on the ground once hung and I knew with the baseboard heaters this could pose as a problem. So I called up my sweet mother-in-law(because I am terrible with a sewing machine.) and had her hem the drapes and use the extra 2 feet cut off to make valances.

I found another amazing artist on facebook who painted the lalaloopsy characters displayed on the other side of the wall. I just love how whimsical and adorable they are.

In the corner of the room I decided to make a special little place for the girls' American Girl dolls. So that they have their own "room". The Powerpuff Girls like to visit them on occasion too. :)

A lot of the same is still displayed on their dresser but with a touch of new.

I placed a picture of both of the girls in the center of the dresser with their names diplayed on both sides, along with the beautiful porcelean dolls their grandmother and great-grandmother had given them as gifts. We found the fairy house last fall at a craft bazaar and I think that it is one of Xiera's most treasured items. She enjoys poking around in it every day to see if her little fairy has visited her. Sometimes her fairy leaves little glitter trails and eats the little snacks she leaves her. ;)

Their wooden nursery name letters still matched perfectly so I hung them beside each of their bunk beds.
I hope you have enjoyed this little tour of the girls' new bedroom. My next dreaded task on the list is the scary playroom which looks more like a storage site these days. :o


Anonymous said...

I love the lalaloopsy characters that are displayed on the wall. Where would I be able to get them?

crochetdlane said...

Hi! I received your email and have responded privately where you can get them. I hope this helps! :)


Anonymous said...

Hi I Also Loved the Lalaloopsy characters featured on the wall.Where would I Be able to Get them In New Zealand,And how much would they cost?
You did a very good on decorating your Daughters Room.

crochetdlane said...

Sure! I would love to help you out! I found the artist's wife on the lalaloopsy page on Facebook. She also posted these beautiful pieces of art displayed at her daughter's birthday on the lalaloopsy birthday page on Facebook. Her husband does them. I am not sure if he is still doing them but you could ask. Here is a link to her Facebook....

I hope it helps!


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