Friday, March 16, 2012

Early Spring Arrival

This week the weather has been unseasonably warm with the temperature reaching in the high 70's. Xiera had spring pictures at her school yesterday and I found that she didn't have any hair accessories to match her pastel yellow naartjie shirt so I crocheted her a sweet little spring blossom headband.

All of this beautiful early spring weather has got me in the spring cleaning mood. I have been going through the girls' closets and am planning on listing a few spring dresses that they have outgrown on Ebay early next week. I have also been decorating and bringing a little spring indoors. Remember my little tree I purchased last month? Well I took down the crocheted hearts from Valentine's day and hung up little Easter eggs ornaments. I had a few spring friends hidden away inside my hutch that I decided to set out beside my newly decorated tree.

I also brought home this beautiful orchid to bring a little color into our living room. I love it's lavender spotted design.

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