Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spring Ruffles and Buttons

A customer of mine emailed me interested in having a skirt and halter set to match the blue bunny hat I had made awhile back. So I took on the challenge and came up with this!

It actually really hurts to let this set go as it turned out absolutely breathtaking. Of course Xiera wants me to make her one now. I am thinking for her upcoming lalaloopsy birthday party perhaps. (Notice, the brand new exclusive only at target Cotton Hopalong mini lalaloopsy doll in hand. We just LOVE our lalaloopsys!)
The most time consuming piece of this set was the 3-tier ruffle skirt with a total of 96 buttons sewn onto the scallop trim of each tier of ruffles.

I purchased the pattern for the skirt on etsy by mytreasuredheirlooms. You can find it HERE.
The halter top features the blue bunny face on the bodice with scattered buttons that match the trim of the hat.

I purchased the pattern for the halter top from anjibeanecrochet. You can find the pattern HERE.

I also finished 2 pairs of leg warmers for 2 sweet sisters. One sister wanted lavender leg warmers accented in pink and the other sister wanted the reverse of that.

I just love how these turned out.

I also love how they are mismatched. If my girls were to pick the colors they wanted, Xiera would say she would want hers all pink and Zella would say black and white striped. Yep they are completely opposite. :)

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