Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Birthday in Oz

Three years ago today Zella was born. It is amazing to see how smart, sassy, spunky, funny, loving, and independent she has become within these past three years.
This year our little "Dorothy" wanted a Wizard of Oz birthday party. When our children guests arrived, they had to follow the yellow brick road to the craft table to color Wizard of Oz pictures and make Somewhere Over the Rainbow bracelets out of pipe cleaners and fruit loops.

Zella never really was able to finish hers since she ate them while she strung them on.

We then enjoyed a delicious mid afternoon treat to a veggie pizza, chips and dip, and fruit medley. Shortly after it was present time!

After presents, it was time to clean up,

because we had to make room for cake!

I found the idea to make the design of the cake from I found the Dorothy Cake idea HERE! This website has the most creative ideas for birthday cakes. Remember the Spongebob cake from last year? We found the idea to make it there too. I found Dorothy and all of her friends on Ebay.
Zella did a triple take on blowing out her candles this year. As soon as I lit two of them she felt the urge to blow them out immediately. And then again when I lit all three of them before we even sang "Happy Birthday" It was so funny!

Happy Birthday Zelly Belly!! We all love you so much!

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Angie Field said...

Looks like so much fun! Happy Birthday to your Zella :)

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