Monday, November 17, 2008

Loveland Avenue Contest

My friend Sally of Loveland Avenue who is also an AMAZING designer is having a really neat contest that I wanted to share! If I didn't already have dresses for the girls to wear for Christmas I would TOTALLY participate! We are proud owners of one of her BEAUTIFUL creations, and I have to say her work is impeccable! Don't forget to check out her BLOG for all the details on the contest!

First of all she has this adorable Euro Penguin Dress listed on Ebay.

Whom ever places the most bids on this adorable dress wins the cute crochet candy cane newsboy style hat. You don't have to win the dress to win the hat! You only have to be the bidder who left the most bids! I wish I could say I made that adorable hat, but I didn't. ;)

Next is this absolutely BEAUTIFUL Christmas Market Santa Dress!

Whomever places the most bids for this will win a custom girls or boys lounge set. Once again you do not have to win the dress auction to win the lounge set. Just place the most bids on the dress and you win the the lounge set!

What a fun little contest!! So bid away and have lots of fun!!

With Love,


Sally said...

Lindsay!!! Thank you so much for helping a friend! :) You made my day.

crochetdlane said...

You are so welcome Sally!!! These sets are absolutely BEAUTIFUL and if you ever need a crochet accessory to match please let me know!!! I would love to help!!!


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