Friday, June 6, 2008

They Have Arrived!

I woke up early this morning and headed downstairs to begin the laundry like every morning to find this pleasant surprise; Momma Charley nursing her 4 brand new kittens! Awwwwww they are all so sweet!! I am a little disappointed I missed the whole experience but am happy to see that Charley took care of everything! She is such a good first time mother! I am so proud of her! Xiera has been down there all morning Ohhhing and Awwwwing over them! She wants to keep them all but I explained to her that we just don't have enough room to care for all of her babies. Xiera then said, "Well maybe just one? That way Charley can have one of her babies to play with and then she won't be lonely!" :) I told her daddy and I will have to think about it! ...but perhaps we will keep just one! (Note; the blanket they are resting on is one of my first blankets I had made that has seen better days. At least I know it is going to good use!)

With Love,

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