Thursday, November 6, 2014

Meeting My Goal

For the past 5 months I have been putting a lot of time and effort into someone who deserved attention for all of their hard work and sacrifices. For the past decade this person has put their family and their family's needs above and beyond herself. This person is me.

I had a life changing moment when I realized that in order for me to take care of my family, I needed to first take care of myself. I saw myself withering away slowly in the mirror. I hated looking into that mirror. The pounds were slowly packing on, and that sparkle I once had in my eyes, looked very dim. I was getting frequent headaches and feeling sick and unhappy with myself. Something snapped and I decided that this past summer, I was ready to change. I started running every morning in the month of June. I ran around our 3 acres until I couldn't run anymore. I only made it halfway. I felt like giving up, but I woke up EVERY morning rain or shine and ran because even though it made me feel exhausted, sweaty, and tired; it made me feel good; like I could take on anything. Each day I began running just a little further than the day before until I was able to run laps around our 3 acres. I also began doing light aerobics and stretches that month. By the beginning of July, I had lost 6 pounds with 3 inches off of my waistline.

The following month I began taking notice of the things that I ate and drank. I enjoyed having my daily vanilla coke, and 2 cups of coffee. I loved sneaking a casual cookie or 2 or heck even 3 in between meals. I loved eating chips and Little Debbie snacks. If the girls didn't finish their meals, I would finish them because I hated seeing food wasted. I rarely drank enough water. I would only drink one glass a day if that. In July, I made the bold decision to not buy pop/soda anymore. I began drinking nothing but water, but still had my cup of coffee in the morning. I continued working out and running and by the end of July, I had lost a total of 10 pounds with 4 inches off of my waistline. I was seeing results, and it felt amazing. My skin began to glow and that sparkle was back in my eyes.

In August and September, I continued my new lifestyle of running, exercising, drinking 4-5 16 ounce bottles of water daily, and cutting all snacks out of my diet completely. I attended a fitness group and learned new exercises and met a wonderful group of people who were focused, driven, and fun to be around. I was introduced to the wonderful world of PiYo, Les Mills Combat, T25, and Insanity, and LOVE all of them.

By mid September I had lost a total of 15 pounds with 5 inches off of my waistline. I had to go shopping because none of my clothes were fitting right anymore. Everything I wore was baggy and falling off of me. Shopping actually turned out to be fun and not a chore as it once had been in the past.

I began switching up my daily exercises in the month of September. I had noticed I wasn't sweating as much while doing the usual exercises so I started doing some more intense cardio workouts; T25 and Insanity. I wanted to keep my body guessing and not bored with the usual routine. Every other day I ran and my husband began being my running partner. Our daughters would even run with us some evenings.
This week is the week I achieved my ultimate goal. I have lost a total of 20 pounds with a little over 6 inches off of my waistline. I am down 6 dress sizes. I am 5'4 and was 142 pounds in June and wore a size 11. Now I am 122 pounds and wear a size 3-5. I have never been a size 3-5, not even in high school.

I am so proud of myself. My birthday was yesterday and I couldn't think of a better present than to have my life back. My headaches are gone. My body no longer aches. I have this incredible amount of energy that I have never had before. It just feels amazing! I am not finished though. This new lifestyle is continuous. I plan on keeping up with my routine of daily exercise and healthy eating from now on. I am not just doing this for myself, but for my family. If I am not healthy and happy, then they won't be either. I realize this now.
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